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The World’s First Complete AI “Coaching Network” for Sales Leaders

It has been suggested that there is a dichotomy in how Artificial Intelligence will impact the workplace: AI can be used as a “crutch that relieves us from thinking,” as with real-time directions from Google Maps, or it can be used to improve human performance by helping us to become even better at our jobs. The “Coaching Network” is a term from Gordon Ritter of Emergence Capital to describe the type of AI that is designed to enhance human performance, as opposed to what he calls the “crutch software” that replaces human thought.

We at BuyerSight believe that Coaching Networks will have profound applications in customer-facing roles that involve human-to-human interaction at scale. Human communication is dynamic and nuanced, so people are essential for most sales and support functions, but machines can coach humans in ways that improve outcomes. Coaching Networks will support front-line teams interacting with customers with objective, data-driven recommendations about the best ways to get things done.

Sales leaders often collect semi-structured data from their teams in the form of sales rep emails, calendar records, meeting notes, and sometimes even call transcripts. This dataset is ideal for a Coaching Network to deliver insight and recommendations to those sales leaders, powering them to be even better at their jobs, and that is exactly what we created at BuyerSight.

BuyerSight is not just a tool to automate work for individual sales reps, or one that provides insight into just one area of the sales process (for example, the crowded markets of pipeline analytics and phone call transcription), but a complete “Coaching Network” for the modern sales leader. 

BuyerSight is always on and always objective. It helps sales leaders avoid the crutches of rote repetition and lazy sales tactics by answering the three big questions of: (1) What is your team doing? (2) How are prospects responding? (3) What’s actually working?

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