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AI Recommendations: Completing the Coaching Network

Today, we released a new interface for receiving and interacting with BuyerSight’s AI-driven recommendations. This release marks the closing of a loop, with AI guidance for sales managers being created and delivered in a single cloud-based platform.

The idea of a “coaching network” was first popularized by venture capitalist Gordon Ritter of Emergence Capital. With this release, BuyerSight has built the first complete coaching network for sales.

With ever increasing automation in sales, managers are left with huge volumes of unstructured data. CRMs are flooded with emails, calendar records, meeting notes, call transcripts, and opportunity updates, and managers are often left to make sense of it all with only basic reports and Excel. This overwhelming flood of sales activity is changing the role of the front-line sales manager. Or, as Liz Cain of VC fund OpenView put it, “If you think about people leaning into their strengths, the average sales manager shouldn’t be running data. They should be on the phone, coaching reps, helping to close business.”

BuyerSight analyzes and categorizes everything a salesperson touches in the cloud and guides managers with actionable recommendations so they can spend more time with their reps closing business and less time wrangling with data and spreadsheets. We support front-line teams speaking to customers with objective, data-driven recommendations about the best ways to achieve their goals.

With this product release, we are proud to offer the first complete coaching network for sales managers. Sales managers can now describe and understand the data being generated by their teams and are freed to focus on the human aspects of coaching and leading.

Please reach out to see BuyerSight in action and learn how we can help your team close even more business.

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