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The Atomic Unit of Sales: the Communication Record

The only way to really understand what is happening within a sales team is to look at the team’s communication records. Communication is at the heart of customer relationships. If you don’t know what your team is saying, you don’t really know what is going on.

Individual sales communication records, such as emails, call transcripts, and meeting notes, are the “atomic unit” of sales. Said another way, “the smallest unit of work [in sales] is each interaction between a company and its customers and prospective customers.”

Managing opportunities and pipeline is critically important, but it is not the most granular view of your team’s performance. Opportunities are like chemical compounds, each made up of a specific set of communications between your team and customers. In our analogy, communication records are the atoms that, when taken together, form the opportunity. Looking at opportunities is like looking at compounds: it is meaningful, but you can go a level deeper and unlock so much more insight. You need to get to the atomic level to really understand what is happening.

But that is the hard part for many sales managers: there is a plethora of tools on the market to capture and store communication records, from inbox connectors to AI call transcription tools, but a large enterprise opportunity may have hundreds of touch points across dozens of stakeholders. How can managers make sense of this huge number of communication records and still have time to lead their teams? That is exactly why we built BuyerSight.

BuyerSight uses natural language processing to analyze and categorize sales communications, enabling managers to quickly drill down to the “atomic level” of sales and review the most meaningful communications. This natural language processing not only saves managers time, but allows for more advanced predictive analytics about what actually impacts opportunity outcomes. 

Know both what your team is actually saying and what they should be saying. Contact us for a demo of BuyerSight today.

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